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NEW! MIL-STD-1553 Ethernet Data Acquisition Unit


 The eDAQ-1553 module is a compact, simple to use solution for streaming MIL-STD-1553 bus data over Ethernet local area networks. No external software or setup is required. Read more >>

ST_Tabs_Icon.pngNEW! ARINC 615 DataLoader Available


AIT's ARINC Software Dataloader Development Kit now supports ARINC 615 operations in addition to ARINC 615A Ethernet/A664 load operations. The SDK provides a GUI and command line interface as well as access to C APIs supporting data load operations. Learn more >>

Latest News

AIT Hosts Webinar on PXI Solutions for Avionics Test & Simulation

AIT recently hosted a webinar on PXI and PXI Express test strategies for modern avionics systems. View here>>

AIT Lowers Cost of Streaming MIL-STD-1553 for Avionics Testing

Omaha, NE - May 10, 2016

Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT) introduces the eDAQ-1553, a compact, simple-to-use network appliance for streaming MIL-STD1553 bus data over Ethernet local area networks (LANs). The new product requires no external software or special setup, saving cost and cycle time. Read full announcement>>

High Performance Avionics Technology Solutions

Avionics Interface Technologies provides advanced data bus solutions for today’s avionics industry. We provide test, simulation, and rugged flight modules and software for MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, Fibre Channel, ARINC 664, ARINC 615, and ARINC 615A applications. With operations throughout the U.S. and worldwide, we have been supporting avionics applications for more than 15 years providing an ever expanding array of avionics bus interface products backed by the best technical applications support in the industry. If you have any avionics bus interface requirements call us today at 866.246.1553 to find out more about our products and services.

Our areas of expertise include:


Whether you have a 1553 test application, or have requirements for interfacing an onboard 1553 data bus, we have you covered with our complete line of MIL-STD-1553 products which include modules for PCI, PCI Express, and PXI systems in addition to our rugged, flight ready PMC and XMC modules.

Fibre Channel & Avionics Ethernet

High speed serial data networks are our specialty. With complete solutions for both Fibre Channel and Avionics Ethernet applications, we have products to support both test and embedded flight applications for ARINC 664, FC-AE-1553, FC-AE-ASM, and HS 1760.


Our suite of ARINC 429 interface products includes modules for PCI, PCI Express, PXI, and PMC systems. Coupled with our software development kits for Windows, Linux, and VxWorks, these modules provide easy to integrate support for 429 test applications as well as embedded flight applications.

Data Loader Kits

We also provide complete data loader solutions for ARINC 615, ARINC 615A, and ARINC 665 applications. Our data loader software, can be coupled with our ARINC 664, Avionics Ethernet, and ARINC 429 interface modules to provide many flexible options to support your data loader needs.