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Systems for Testing Ethernet and Fibre Channel Switches

We Build Avionics Network Solutions, And know How to Test Them!

Our expertise is Avionics Ethernet and Fibre Channel. We combine this expertise with our Ethernet & Fibre Channel instruments, and PCI & PXI Express Foundation systems to offer complete, integrated switch test systems backed by comprehensive engineering support and services.

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ARINC 664 and Avionics Ethernet Switch Test Systems

After almost two decades of providing ARINC 664 test solutions, we are THE ARINC 664 EXPERTS. We provide fully integrated ARINC 664 test systems which can support verification of up to 32 port Ethernet switches. Using our ARINC 664 test instruments and suite of supporting software, our switch test systems provide utilities to:

    • Verify ARINC 664 Virtual Link (VL) Frame Filtering & Traffic Policing
    • Simulate up to 4K VLs to verify VL Switching functions
    • Measure Latency & Jitter
    • Update Switch Software and Routing Tables use ARINC 615A
    • Query and Set Switch MIB data using SNMP
    • Inject Frame Errors including:
      • Short Inter-frame Gaps
      • Runt (less than 64-byte) Frames
      • Ethernet FCS Errors

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And, if your looking for more than just a test system, we also provide engineering services including developing switch test plans and procedures, and developing custom software utilities to suit your particular test program requirements.

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    Fibre Channel / AS5653 Switch Test Systems

    We have also provided Fibre Channel network test solutions for almost two decades. With specific expertise with AS5653 (HS1760) and ASM, our focus is Fibre Channel as used in avionics applications. Combining our Fibre Channel test instruments and our AS5653 Protocol Compliance Test software, we provide test systems for verifying FC-AE switches using in HS1760 applications. Our FC-AE switch test solutions can be configured for execution of tests out of the box. Additionally, we can provide engineering support and services to ensure the success of your test program and to accommodate an requirements and features specific to your program.

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      Optical Power Control and Measurement with VERTA

      Optical Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks are becoming increasingly popular in avionics applications. The VERTA solution can be used for in line parametric testing of optical switch interfaces. VERTA can be used as part of our Ethernet and Fibre Channel switch test solutions to provides optical power control and measurement.

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