Avionics Network Solutions

High Speed Avionics Network Interface Controllers (NICs), Switching Systems, and Flight Test Network Solutions for Fibre Channel and Ethernet

Flight Test Systems

Flight Test Systems and Solutions for High Speed Avionics Networks & Data Bus Network Interface Units

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AIT's HS1760 (MIL-STD-1760E) as profiled under SAE AS5653 products are built on our Fibre Channel Simulyzer™ and HS1760 IP Core technology. Our HS1760 products provide Network Controller (NC),  Network Terminal (NT), and FC-AE Switch capabilities.

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Fibre Channel - ASM

Network Interface Controllers for Anonymous Subscriber Messaging (FC-ASM)

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Network Switches

Fibre Channel & Ethernet Switching and Interconnect Solutions

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Shared Memory

AIT's Shared Memory Network (SMN) interface modules provide host systems with an interface to a high speed (2.125 Gbps) optical data network which can be used to share data, in real-time, between multiple distributed systems.

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