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Avionics Ethernet & Fibre Channel  Network Protocol Compliance Test Solutions

Ease System Integration with End Node Protocol Compliance Testing

Avionics system designers are increasingly turning to Ethernet and Fibre Channel as the core networks for new commercial and military aircraft designs. These new systems are also becoming increasingly complex and are also composed of equipment from multiple suppliers. As a result system integration is becoming increasingly tedious.

Our protocol compliance solutions can be used across your entire program to ensure all system components adhere to the avionics system network protocol ahead of system integration activities to reduce system integration time and costs.

We provide protocol compliance test solutions for ARINC 664 and AS5653 (HS1760) which are off the shelf products ready to go right out of the box. We also draw on our Engineering Expertise to offer engineering services and consulting to help you define protocol compliance test plans and strategies for profiled Ethernet or Fibre Channel variants your  avionics development program may be using.

Ensure your ARINC 664 End System is Compliant and Ready for System Integration

We provide ARINC 664 protocol compliance test solutions for multiple variants of ARINC 664 as used on Boeing, Airbus, and other aircraft programs. Our compliance test systems are ready to go right out of the box. Utilizing our ARINC 664 test instruments, our protocol test suite executes sequences of tests against your ARINC 664 end system and produce full test reports showing step by step test results. Our test suite requires does not require the development of special applications software on your end system under test. We provide a Test Responder application that runs on your system, and our Test System communicates with this Test Responder during test execution allowing all protocol compliance tests to be fully automated saving you time and effort.

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    FC-AE-1553 Network Controller (NC) and Network Terminal (NT) Protocol Testing

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      Our AS5653 Production Test Plan (PTP) solution is a suite of NC and NT verification tests scripts which work together with our Fibre Channel test instruments to provide a complete test system solution. Just like our ARINC 664 compliance test system, the AS5653-PTP uses an embedded Test Responder application, that we provide, operating on your system under test. The Test Responder follows the commands of our Test System resulting in fully automated testing requiring minimal manual intervention. Test operators simply initiate the tests, and then wait for the test reports showing step by step and test by test results.