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With a long successful history of providing legacy avionics bus solutions & forward looking expertise in the latest high speed serial network technologies.



Proven Engineering Expertise.

From MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429 to the latest high speed Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks, AIT’s engineering capabilities and products are capable of delivering the avionics bus and network solutions your program demands — TODAY.

AIT’s engineering philosophy is simple: deliver the most capable products and services produced by the industry’s best hardware, firmware, and software designers. This powerful combination ensures products and services are delivered on time and on budget.

Avionics Bus and Network Solutions are AIT’s Core Expertise.

Whether it’s off-the-shelf or custom-engineered solutions. Whether it’s hardware, firmware, software, or complete integrated systems.

  • Avionics Interface modules
  • Fibre Channel & Ethernet Avionics network solutions
  • ARINC 615/615A software data loader solutions
  • Integrated test and simulation systems

AIT has you covered.

AIT Engineers Reliable Hardware Solutions.

From interface cards & test systems to onboard avionics systems.

When avionics connectivity is required, AIT has engineered the appropriate hardware solution—from interface boards to complete avionics systems such as the Avionics Network Data Aggregator.


Our engineering expertise shows up everywhere:

…in the lab,

….on the ground,

or on board the aircraft, including certified applications.



There’s AIT hardware for every avionics communications protocol.

Explore our MIL-STD-1553 Products 

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Explore our HS1760/MIL-STD-1760E Products

And no matter what the form factor, there’s an AIT product that fits.

  • PXI
  • PXI Express
  • PCI
  • PCI Express
  • Legacy form factors such as VME and VXI

Want to Learn about How AIT solved a customer’s hardware requirement?

 High Speed 1760 (HS1760) is an emerging Fibre Channel-based avionics communications protocol used in the interface between an aircraft and its stores payloads.

A customer sought a ruggedized flight-rated HS1760 interface module for a new avionics system. But no off-the-shelf unit was available from any supplier.

AIT’s engineering team designed and delivered a ruggedized HS1760 interface module solution together with supporting software drivers. This custom solution integrated an FC-AE-1553 Network Controller (NC) and an FC-AE switch into a single 3U Compact PCI module—on time and on budget.

AIT continues to manufacture this product and support its software. In addition, our obsolescence mitigation services ensure ongoing support over the life of the customer program.

Firmware Design with a Firm Foundation

Embedded Protocol Expertise.

AIT’s embedded intellectual property is the result of deep understanding of protocol structure and operation across a universe of communication standards.

Why AIT’s Firmware Design Philosophy Matters.

With our  experience and history delivering products for avionics communication protocols, our engineers develop and implement all of our protocol engines in portable FPGA code.

This design philosophy provides customized avionics interface IP cores that support unique project requirements and an unlimited array of protocol variants. We are positioned to meet all of your requirements, from supporting standard protocols, to program specific customization.

Flexible designs implanted in FPGAs ported to a wide variety of hardware platforms means AIT solves unique customer requirements in less time at less cost.

Equally important, AIT’s firmware development and support process mitigates obsolescence.

Case History: Mitigating Obsolescence

The defense and aerospace community works hard to avoid the high transition costs of moving to new test systems. It’s almost always far more cost- and time-effective to refine a legacy tester to accommodate new modules and systems.

A VME system user found that the vendor no longer supported a critical VME-to PCI-X bridge chip. Without that chip the entire test system would become obsolete—as would the user’s enormous investment in systems and test programs.

AIT created and supplied FPGA-based firmware that replicated the bridge chip’s function.

Result: obsolescence avoided. The legacy test equipment remains in service—and will continue to operate well into the future.

Want more information about how we are managing obsolescence for VME?

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Practical Software Design Expertise

Reliable software that performs to spec.

AIT produces software that’s designed and developed to simplify and speed integration. Just as important, it’s all supported by AIT engineers “in house.”

Every piece of software—from straightforward avionics interface board APIs and host system device drivers to sophisticated applications such as AIT’s Flight Simulyzer—is designed, coded, implemented, and maintained at AIT.

AIT has solved an enormous variety of software requirements in virtually every operating system:

  • Windows
  • LabVIEW Real Time
  • Linux
  • VxWorks
  • Other real time operating systems

From embedded software for on-aircraft applications to visualization and analysis software for the avionics integration lab, AIT draws on its decades of experience to provide software that performs to spec and is easy to use. It’s software that lets the user to focus on the job!

Application Example: How AIT used existing IP to satisfy a complex requirement at a reasonable cost.

Recently, a customer needed to add ARINC 615A data support to their family of airborne radio and data link systems. The implementation schedule was extremely tight.

AIT’s expertise in standardized loading of software updates to airborne systems solved their problem inside the deadline.

How we did it: AIT has a variety of off-the-shelf ARINC 615A data loader products used in  ground support systems. To support this customer, AIT leveraged its existing ground system data loader protocol software libraries to produce embedded ARINC 615A target software. Then, we ported it to multiple avionics systems and real time operating systems, including VxWorks and real time Linux.

In addition to delivering the software with complete verification artifacts, AIT engineering supported the customer’s integration into their airborne radio systems. And AIT continues to provide ongoing engineering support to help ensure the customer’s success over the life of the program.

AIT met the customer’s needs with software delivered on time and on budget — a far more economical solution than the customer’s original plan to develop the software in-house.

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