Minimize Aircraft Downtime & Maintenance Costs

AIT provides reliable and easy to use ARINC 615/615A Portable Data Loaders and avionics Ground Support Equipment supporting aircraft ground maintenance operations.

Reliable, Easy To Use, Low Maintenance Tools for Ground Maintenance

Whether it’s on the flight line or at the MRO, Our ARINC 615/615A Software Data Loader and Avionics Bus & Network solutions combine performance, reliability, low maintenance costs, and ease-of-use to support efficient ground maintenance operations that get aircraft back into service quickly.

Portable Data Loaders & Fleet Management Solutions

Operating a large, or small, fleet of aircraft requires the management, distribution, and loading of avionics software updates, such as FMS Navigation Databases, on a regular basis. Intelligent, efficient, and reliable solutions are needed to ensure your aircraft get back into service quickly when software updates are required.

Our Loadable Software Management Application (LSMA) is an easy to use Aircraft and LSP management solution which works in conjunction with our ARINC 615/615A Portable Data loaders to provide an enterprise wide solution for the management of avionics software and software updates at the aircraft.


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Do you Have Requirements for Loading Avionics Software in the Shop?

In addition to PDL’s for software loads at the aircraft, we also provide data loader solutions supporting maintenance and repair activities in the shop.

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Aircraft System Monitoring and Data Analysis Tools

Today’s military and commercial aircraft avionics systems are built around complex networks of intelligent devices. Maintenance and troubleshooting these systems often requires access to the data bus or network connecting the avionics system components. To support quick, effective troubleshooting, easy to use software is required to display, analyze, and visualize the behavior of the avionics system.

Combining our extensive line of Avionics Interfaces, Analyzer and Data Visualization Software, and our Engineering Expertise, we offer both COTS and Custom systems for avionics system and aircraft monitoring applications.

We provide interfaces for a wide variety of Avionics Buses and Networks

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And we also provide integrated Data Acquisition and Analysis systems

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Looking for a custom ground support system?

We also provide engineering design services to deliver customized ground support equipment solutions for avionics system maintenance and troubleshooting.


AIT has designed, engineered, and delivered aircraft monitoring equipment systems to a variety of DOD and commercial aircraft programs.

Used for remote access to aircraft avionics systems during maintenance activities, these systems can include:

  • One or more aircraft interface carts, each with multiple MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, Fibre Channel, and Ethernet avionics system interfaces
  • High Speed Ethernet (1G and 10G) links to a remote Lab or monitoring stations for streaming avionics data for analysis, logging, and monitoring of aircraft parameters in real-time.
  • Multiple workstations hosting AIT’s COTS (and Custom) software for avionics data visualization & analysis.

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