Testing High Speed Ethernet & Fibre Channel Avionics Switches


Testing High Speed Ethernet & Fibre Channel Avionics Switches

By: Troy Troshynski


Modern avionics systems are increasingly employing the use of high speed serial data networks. High capacity Ethernet and Fibre Channel switch fabrics are commonly found at the core of theses avionics networks and it is typical to find a mix of both copper and optical media interfaces as well as multiple data link bit rates within a single aircraft system. As these switching fabrics become integral pieces of avionic suites, functional test system must be developed with the capacity to replicate the combined data streams of multiple avionics end points when the fabric is off the aircraft and becomes the Unit Under Test (UUT). This paper provides a brief technical overview of the common principals of high speed avionics Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks and switch fabrics and also addresses several key items that must be addressed when designing a test and simulation system targeted to support high speed switch UUTs.

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