March 3, 2020

Fibre Channel, 10G & 25G Ethernet in ONE Instrument!

Avionics Interface Technologies (A Teradyne Company) proudly announces the availability of our latest high speed test instrument for avionics network test, simulation, and data analysis applications. The new PXIe-25G provides support for Ethernet (10G & 25G) and Fibre Channel in a single instrument!



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The new PXIe-25G is a PXI Express instrument that provides 4 network interface ports. It can be configured (in software) for Ethernet operations,  Fibre Channel operations, or both. The PXIe-25G supports upper layer protocols used in avionics network applications including IPv4/IPv6, UDP, TCP, MLD, and RTP/RTPS over Ethernet. ASM, RDMA, and FC-AV are supported over Fibre Channel. The instrument also provides support for streaming data for video applications.