AS6802 Deterministic Ethernet Network Solution


AS6802 Deterministic Ethernet Network Solution

By: Ken Bisson, March 2011


Ethernet has proliferated over the past 30 years and has become the universal network solution for web applications, office networking, production facilities, aerospace systems, and a virtually unlimited number of commercial applications. Because Ethernet offers higher bandwidths and increased capability, more applications are using it as the backbone network of choice. Widespread use make Ethernet’s implementation, maintenance and training costs considerably lower than those for many network systems. Ethernet’s current capability, however, does not lend itself well to tasks with timecritical, deterministic or safety-relevant conditions. A new SAE standard called AS6802, also known as Deterministic Ethernet or Time-triggered Ethernet, expands on classic IEEE 802.3 Ethernet and provides a foundation for powerful services to meet timecritical requirements.

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