Fleet Management Software

Enterprise Software for PDL and Loadable Software Management

PDL & LSP Management

Manage the distribution of loadable software parts (LSP) from a centralized load administrator to remote PDL’s spread across multiple locations with AIT’s PDL and LSP Management application (PDL-LSMA). The PDL-LSMA is a scalable solution that can be tailored to the needs of any organization. From a simple LSP distribution system up to an enterprise wide management system for a large fleet of aircraft, the PDL-LSMA can be configured to fit any organization’s processes.

Download the PDL-LSMA Datasheet

Key Features:

  • Allows centralized Load Administrator to manage LSP packaging & LSP distribution
  • Provides electronic distribution of software parts (eliminates need for physical media)
  • Enables Load Administrator to define the Aircraft, LRU, and LSP hierarchy to be navigated on the PDLs during load operations
  • Options available to enable Load Administrator to assign LSPs to specific aircraft tail numbers
  • Aircraft and PDL reporting to a central location
    • View load logs for PDLs
    • View load logs for aircraft (by tail number)
  • Works with AIT’s PDL-615, PDL-615-XT & uPDL-615 loaders
  • Transfers software parts securely over the network (LAN, Wi-Fi & 4G) or over USB
  • Completely OPTIONAL! Software parts can also be transferred to AIT PDLs by simple file transfers and transportable media (USB Flash drives, CD/DVD, etc)
  • Scalable solution with configuration options to tailor to organizational needs and processes



Compatible Portable Data Loaders

The PDL-LSMA works with AIT’s line of Portable Data Loaders


ARINC 615/615A Tablet PC PDL Solution


ARINC 615/615A USB Smart Cable PDL Solution


ARINC 615/615A Integrated PDL & Transport Solution