AIT Releases F-SIM-LDR, ARINC-615A Data Loader Development Kit

Omaha, NE — February 2013

AIT Releases F-SIM-LDR, ARINC-615A Data Loader Development Kit

This week Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT) released the F-SIM-LDR, or Flight Simulyzer Loader, its new ARINC-615A Data Loader supporting both standard Ethernet LANs and ARINC-664/AFDX networks. F-SIM-LDR is a software-only simple solution for ARINC-615A data loading on any Windows or Linux system.

AIT’s F-SIM-LDR is an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI application featuring ARINC-615A FIND, INFORMATION, UPLOAD, and DOWNLOAD operations. In addition to dataloading, F-SIM-LDR also supports media set building and verification. F-SIM-LDRhas been tested and verified for loading A380, B787, and B747-B targets over ARINC-664/AFDX networks. F-SIM-LDR is ideal for use in lab bench-top applications since it can perform multiple dataloads simultaneously.

AIT’s F-SIM-LDR is delivered as a GUI application and also includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) which provides command line tools and C/C++ software APIs supporting data load, Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) and ARINC-665 media set operations. The SDK enables the F-SIM-LDR to be easily integrated into custom applications.

For more information, download the F-SIM-LDR Datasheet here.


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