Advantages of Network Connected PDL’s

Advantages of Network Connected PDL’s

The legacy methods operators have utilized to meet regulatory compliance requirements for Field Loadable Software (FLS) configuration and distribution has been largely labor intensive, inefficient and costly to manage across a fleet. The process is often tedious and unreliable due to the manual tasks involved and then exasperated further when cumbersome physical media is part of the operation. Organizations are seeking a more modern operation.

A modern approach many large operators are deploying is to network connect Portable Data Loaders (PDL’s) and 3rd party systems.  This approach increases efficiency, drives productivity, decreases costs and ensures the operation is completed securely, reliably and on time.



AIT FDCC-SaaS Solution

A quick summary of its many benefits:

  • Requires considerably less work and costs to electronically distribute software across the fleet.
  • Provides quicker and more reliable software distribution to meet requirements.
  • Automatically logs software load completion jobs and seamlessly generates detailed reports to meet regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Simplifies software configuration control across the fleet with a centralized library of software parts and databases organized by aircraft type, tail number, and equipment.
  • Ease administrative burden and costs through a single and intuitive user interface.

Although the benefits are numerous, some may have reservations in connecting PDL’s and 3rd party systems to their network due to security and data integrity concerns. Be comforted to know the vast majority of corporate information technology departments have safeguarded their organizations’ data assets through the implementation of industry best practices pertaining to cybersecurity.  With authenticated user control, data-at-rest encryption, and encrypted communications built into sophisticated VPN’s, organizations can securely control systems and maintain data integrity regardless of 3rd party equipment being on its network.

Additionally, AIT has a wealth of experience integrating our PDL systems and FDCC-SaaS solution with corporate IT systems as well as expertise working with IT personnel to ensure our solutions satisfy their cybersecurity requirements.  We are fully prepared to ensure our customers transition to network connected PDL’s is smooth, seamless and secure.

Also, AIT PDL’s are built with comprehensive security features, including:

  • Checking of ARINC 835 software part digital signatures upon import and prior to load operations.
  • Encrypted storage of software parts.
  • Enhanced electronic access controls including disconnection from ground networks (wired & wireless) during all aircraft load operations.
  • Enhanced logging of all operations & access attempts
  • Utilize of a and a TPM

A major US-based operator of a 100+ aircraft fleet has successfully integrated AIT’s FDCC-SaaS with their corporate systems and have realized a multitude of benefits while automatically distributing FLS updates to their 100+ PDL systems. The AIT FDCC-SaaS replaced a previous application that was installed and hosted by the customer. Benefits they realized include:

  • Vastly simplifies the distribution of software as it occurs automatically after new FLS’s are uploaded to the FDCC-SaaS. Saves time and money.
  • Ensures updates are delivered across the fleet on time, every time.
  • Reduces dependency on IT personnel and reduces costs as IT no longer needs to host and maintain the application.
  • Provides a more secure and reliable solution with guaranteed SLA’s leveraging a SaaS architecture that delivers best-in-industry data security, availability & protection.

If you would like to review additional technical detail on the security best practices we implement to ensure our customer’s data assets are properly safeguarded, please see our recent blog post – Securing the Software Distribution System.

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