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Flight Simulyzer™

Graphical User Interface

Analyzer/Simulator Software

AIT's Flight Simulyzer application provides users with an intuitive and easy‐to‐use ARINC 664 network data capture, analyzer, and replay tool which integrates with industry standard Ethernet tools and interfaces.

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ARINC 664 Network Monitor/Analyzer


Flight Simulyzer is ready to go, right out of the box. Simply launch the application and you're ready to take control of your AIT ARINC 664/AFDX® hardware modules, or to begin a data capture using the LAN interfaces of your host system! Start capturing data from one or more ARINC 664 channels in just one click! Within seconds you will be viewing and analyzing live avionics network traffic.

The Flight Simulyzer ARINC 664 Network monitor provides the user with the ability to capture all network data or to configure up to 32 specific capture buffers with each associated with a Virtual Link (VL) or MAC address. This allows Flight Simulyzer to record all network data to a single PCAP file, while at the same time recording, to a separate PCAP files, network data for a specific ARINC 664 Virtual Link.


The network data is captured to an industry standard file format (PCAP), allowing post processing and analysis using a variety of openly available software tools, such as Wireshark. During data capture, Flight Simulyzer also provides the user with live network activity statistics. This includes a live display showing all of the detected ARINC 664 VLs and for each VL a live count of messages and the detected network frame rate for the VL. Live displays showing all of the detected source and destination message (UDP) ports are also provided to give an instant, concise picture of the ARINC 664 avionics network.


Flight Simulyzer also supports the replay of previously captured network data. The data is replayed directly from PCAP capture files. As a result, Flight Simulyzer and the AIT ARINC 664 modules support the replay of network data captured using Flight Simulyzer or any other software tool, such as Wireshark, which capture network data to the PCAP file format. The network data can be replayed just one time, in a loop for a user specified number of times, or in a continuous loop. The replayed data is accurately re-timed based on the timestamps of the packets in the capture file.



In addition to the ARINC 664 capture and replay functions, Flight Simulyzer also supports the definition of ARINC 664 simulated end systems. This includes the definition of input/output VLs, input/output Sampling and Queuing message ports, TFTP Clients & Servers, and ARINC 615A Dat a Loader targets. The configurations can be saved to AIT common data format (XML) which allows simulation setups created and used within Flight Simulyzer to also be loaded and exeucted from within the AIT ARINC 664 ES API, TFTP API, ARINC 615A API, and the AIT ARINC 664 LabVIEW Instrument Driver.

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