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Avionics Interface Technologies TEST INSTRUMENTATION


PXIChassis_Accordian_TestInst.pngAIT provides complete Test & Simulation solutions. AIT's advanced databus and network interface modules for MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, Fibre Channel/HS1760, ARINC 664, AS6802 TTEthernet, and AS6003 TTP, are the most capable Test Instruments in the industry. Coupled with AIT's Software Development Kits (SDK), these modules provide complete Test & Simulation solutions, not just a hardware interface and low level device driver.


PXI-C429.pngWith hardware modules for PXI, PCI, PCI Express, VME, and VXI, AIT provides capabilities for all major test system platforms and instrumentation. The AIT hardware modules are so much more than just interface modules, providing advanced features such as:

  • Accurate data logging with precise time-stamping (sub µSec precision)
  • Time Synchronization via instrumentation backplane clocks (e.g. PXI 10MHz clock) and IRIG-B
  • Synchronization with external equipment via external trigger inputs/outputs
  • Full error injection & detection
  • Large input/output data buffers (128 MB up to 1 GB onboard RAM)
  • Protocol IP in FPGA's and onboard PowerPC support quick adaptation to custom test & simulation requirements and protocol adaptations


AIT's SDKs are so much more than the typical device driver and supporting low level API. Our SDK's support multiple application development paradigms. Whether you are integrating into legacy C based test applications, developing modern object oriented applications, or using advanced test instrumentation environments such as National Instruments LabVIEW, we've got you covered with APIs for:

  • ANSI C
  • C++
  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • LabVIEW Virtual Instruments

The SDKs are also supported on a variety of OS platforms including:

  • Windows (XP, 7)
  • Linux
  • LabVIEW/CVI Real-Time
  • Others on request!

Built around AIT's XML based core configuration data formats, our SDKs allow a wide range of applications to utilize common configuration data files.


Whether your using AIT's Analyzer, Flight Simulyzer, implementing a LabVIEW application, or integrating into your own test application using the C++ or .NET APIs, you'll only need to define your configuration data once!