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At AIT, we believe that our responsibility to our customers goes much further than the quality of our products. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional integrity. Our customer commitment is based on the following factors:

  • Technical Expertise: AIT Engineers are leading experts in the protocols our products support. 
  • Innovation: AIT Engineers stay informed on the latest developments in aerospace and military technologies. We work with our customers and partners to develop emerging technologies and custom solutions. 
  • Customer Relationships: Our Sales and Support Team are Engineers, they design, build, and implement our products. Our customers can depend on us to answer questions quickly and be available for support whenever they are needed. 
  • Accessible Technical Documentation: Our online Download Area is available to customers 24/7. Here you can download Manuals and updated technical specifications as well as updates to our Software Development Kits (SDK). 
  • Continual Improvement: Frequent updates to our Software Development Kits (SDK) are available to our customer with no additional cost, ensuring that our customers have the most comprehensive tools whether they have been a customer for a decade or a days. 
  • Quick Delivery. 
  • Develop a Competitive Workforce: Truly innovative engineering is a competitive field, one that requires engineers to be well-educated, highly skilled, and have a deep knowledge of very specific technologies. Our Engineers are not only great innovators, they are our most important investment. We take pride in offering all our employees a supportive, enjoyable environment where they are rewarded for good work. A company that takes care of its employees can take better care of its customers. 
  • Comply with both United States and European Union environmental standards: AIT understands our responsibility to use only safe technical components, eliminating the risk of endangering our customers and our environment. We guarantee success to every program using our products.