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HS1760 Software Development Kit

AIT's HS1760 SDK provides a complete suite of HS1760 Application Software Interfaces and tools to support intuitive and effective access to the features and functions of the AIT HS1760 hardware modules.

The SDK includes a complete HS1760 application that can emulate any Network Controller (NC) or Network Terminal (NT) end-system as well as communicate to the switch fabricsing FFI extended link services. The application includes the FC-AE-1553 upper layer protocol as profiled in the AS5653 specification for NC and NT simulation. The optional FcXplorer can also analyze the HS1760 link including providing information on FC-1 link initialization information, FC-2 protocol frame information, and HS1760 upper layer protocol information.

The HS1760 software includes a command-line application that enables the user to perform HS1760 exchanges, including loopback between the two APG-HS1760 ports. The command-line application is delivered as source code and will simulate the following functions:

  • Network Controller (NC) to Network Terminal (NT)
  • Network Terminal (NT) to Network Controller (NC)

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